Latins, specially Brazilians, are known to be one of the happiest people on Earth, with a sense of humor that keeps them going through any kind of adversity. Seriously, have you seen their meme culture? So let’s celebrate this incredibly fun way of life with a dose of good news: Humora is bringing to Brazil it’s very first microdosis.

Our nanotech combined with herbal remedies and aromatherapy allows your mind, body and soul to enjoy all the benefits of this special plant – without the high, okay? This means HUMORA can be by your side every step of the way, enhancing your joie de vivre even on those cloudy days that everyone endure once in a while.

A mission we happily take into our own hands

Enhance the well-being of people everywhere with the use of cannabis, a substance that is still immersed in taboo despite its proven health benefits. We want to fulfill our mission with joy and sensitivity, but also with social and environmental responsibility, including reparation efforts and carbon offsetting, in each step and with each smile.

From our a family farm supplier to your family home

You’d love our hemp farm, an 80-acre family-owned space in Oregon. We are 100% vegan, sustainable, and use zero pesticides in the growth and production of the plant material. We use a filtered drip water system for each plant, and the soil is graded A-1 by Washington County. Since 2010, our crops have consistently tested to be free of pesticides and heavy metals.




A deep dive in nature and a lot of science

Water-Based Broad Spectrum Oil and Isolate Nanotechnology:

Our exclusive water-based formula breaks the broad spectrum hemp oil down to a molecular level, which allows for a higher body absorption rate and accelerates the effect.

Exclusive Microbatching Process:

For best quality control, we use a microbatch technology. Rather than making large amounts at one time, "microbatching" means that we make our products in small batches, this ensures that the hemp oil does not have time, once extracted, to be degraded by outside elements.